Who we are

Remote Aerial Surveys is an aerial survey service offered by consulting engineers Richard Allitt Associates Ltd(RAA). Established in 1996, RAA is one of the UK’s leading providers of hydraulic engineering and flood risk consultancy for the urban drainage industry. We specialise in hydraulic modelling, drainage design and flood mitigation services. It is this expertise that we bring to the latest UAV technology to produce surveys, inspections and mapping of the highest quality. We have also used our industry expertise to develop our UAV services for flood management and other water industry requirements e.g. monitoring flood defences, identifying urban creep.

We are based in West Sussex in the South East but operate nationally, working right across the UK including Scotland, please contact us to find out more about how we can help: pilot@remoteaerialsurveys.co.uk

“Our aim is to provide state of the art unmanned aerial surveys, video and photography of the highest technical and creative quality.” 

Innovative Experience Based Thinking

It was innovative thinking at parent company RAA that sparked the development of Remote Aerial Surveys. Originally devised as a method of inspecting difficult-to-reach river channels, the service has developed and now offers an impressive range of surveys including precise high quality topographic, as-built, pre-condition & thermal surveys.

Thinking ahead for our clients

Our clients come from a broad range of sectors including water companies, property, local authorities and the legal profession, all of whom are now taking advantage of our aerial survey service for a range of tasks including industrial inspections and mapping. Throughout the business we maintain a traditional family based approach, putting client needs first and striving to stay at the forefront of developments in survey techniques,data analysis and collection.

It is this personal touch that gives outstanding results whether it is for topographic surveys, environmental monitoring or asset inspections.

Technically Skilled and Responsive Flying Team

UAVs are an incredibly versatile technology and the possibilities for their application are virtually limitless. Our pilots are highly experienced in their many applications with a background in hydraulic modelling, GIS and remote sensing; we are especially skilled in providing a range of technical surveys, environmental monitoring, industrial inspections and mapping solutions. Our team includes a number of pilots, camera operators and data processors who draw on their extensive skills to produce high quality aerial surveys and data processing of images. They are friendly, highly skilled and hard working with a strong commitment to producing exceptional results for our clients.

Request a Quotation 

If you have any questions about our service why not take a look at our FAQs or get in touch on 01444 401840 or email us: pilot@remoteaerialsurveys.co.uk