Our Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are able to provide high quality videography which offers unique advantages when compared to handheld ground level and higher altitude aircraft videography. There are a number of benefits to the UAV technique, especially when it comes to safety, quality, convenience and practicalities. UAVs are extremely flexible videography platforms and therefore we are able to offer multiple options in order to suit your necessary requirements. 

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Our heavy lift UAVs allow us to use high specification, broadcast quality video cameras which can capture footage from a variety of unique angles, including aerial close-ups and shots which travel from the ground up to altitudes of 400ft in just seconds. The images captured are streamed live to the flight team, allowing us to ensure we are obtaining the perfect footage. Our camera mounts can be controlled around three axes with a precision of +/- 0.050° with unlimited rotation. The mounts are fully stabilised and are controlled independently to the UAV, providing steady imagery throughout the video capture regardless of the movement of the platform.

The UAV is able to acquire video footage from a perspective that other cameras and vehicles cannot. Examples of this include object tracking and fly-throughs, where UAVs can capture aerial video whilst navigating around obstacles, such as through archways or under bridges.

The UAV is a cost effective approach to acquiring aerial videography, with entire operations costing only a fraction of manned aircraft deployment fees. Through this technology we are able to achieve rapid and more spontaneous deployment, being less inhibited by space or time. Unlike manned aircraft, the low altitudes at which we operate means we are far less affected by adverse visibility conditions such as low cloud, fog and haze.

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We are able to offer a great deal of flexibility to our clients, who will be able to have a more immediate influence upon the videos. They will be able to direct the flight team to ensure they are getting the exact footage required, for example spanning a larger area or getting closer to the subject, or they are able to control the camera themselves.

Another advantage of using UAVs is their ability to film in difficult areas. This includes areas which cannot easily be accessed on foot, due to conditions such as marshland, water, ground instability, or high volume traffic areas. Additionally, in the same way we are able to avoid any interference with or damage to a specific site or area, unlike other methods of ground level filming. This therefore makes UAV filming more practical and pragmatic, for the client, us, and any other relevant third party, such as people working or living nearby. Therefore, we are able to gather aerial footage without impinging upon them, or halting their work or events.

The footage comes in a number of formats that can easily be accessed through most computers and systems, including .mp4 and .mov.

We have so far found this tool to be extremely popular for promotional and marketing purposes, along with environmental or geographical research. It is also an exceptionally powerful and informative tool in the water industry, for purposes such as water course tracing, establishing flood extents and structural inspections, along with many other uses.

Combined with suitable photography, videography can be especially informative and appreciated for a number of uses. It offers a valuable addition to your data.

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