Sensor – Multispectral Camera

The camera we use for our multispectral surveys is a Tetracam ADC Lite. This is a lightweight camera specifically designed for use on UAV platforms. It is capable of capturing imagery consisting of the following bands;

  •        Red
  •        Green
  •        NIR (Near Infrared)

These bands approximate to Landsat Thematic Mapper bands TM2, TM3, TM4.
The bands collected are between visible light wavelengths longer than 520nm and near infrared up to 920nm.

The camera has an optical resolution of 3.2 megapixels (2048 x 1536) and we are able to offer ground resolutions between 0.4 and 4cm depending on the UAV’s altitude.

A live preview of the imagery is streamed to the cameraman, allowing them to gather the exact imagery required by the client. Imagery is collected in the camera proprietary format, which is processed and provided as tif images (other formats available).

This type of data is typically used for identifying and assessing types of land cover, such as calculating an NDVI (Normalised Difference Vegetation Index) to obtain information on vegetation species and health.

For sample footage and data, please contact or see our Twitter page (@RAerialSurveys) for up to date examples of this and our other work.