Sensor – Electro-Optical

We have a range of high specification cameras which operate in the visible spectrum (as opposed to our thermal and multispectral cameras). These cameras have specifically been chosen for their characteristics which are ideal for low level aerial surveys, with different cameras being suited to different applications...

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Sensor – Multispectral Camera

The camera we use for our multispectral surveys is a Tetracam ADC Lite. This is a lightweight camera specifically designed for use on UAV platforms. It is capable of capturing imagery consisting of the following bands;        Red        Green        NIR (Near Infrared) These bands approximate to Landsat Thematic Mapper bands TM2, TM3, TM4...

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Sensor – Thermal Camera

The camera we use for our thermal surveys is an Optris PI 450 – an imaging system which consists of a very lightweight camera connected to an on-board microcomputer...

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