Skyjib 8 Titanium

The Skyjib 8 is a heavy lift Octocopter platform with uprated ESCs (Electronic Speed Controller) allowing this craft to carry a maximum payload of 10kg. Depending on flight conditions, activity and payload, this platform can fly for between 12 to 25 minutes.

This platform is mainly used for photography and videography work utilising a range of electro-optical sensors, but can also easily accommodate a gimbal upon which a thermal or multispectral sensor can be mounted.

A FPV (First Person View) camera mounted on the front of the platform feeds back live images and telemetry information (such as the UAV’s speed and altitude) to the pilot to facilitate them with their spatial awareness.

Each of the sensors mounted to the underside of the craft also returns a live feed back to the commander (the person operating the camera) who has full control of the sensor and is able to position it independent of the movement of the UAV to capture points of interest.

The Skyjib 8 has a range of built-in features which, along with the expertise of our pilots, ensures that every flight can be conducted safely. It has dual engine redundancy, which means that even if any two motors experience a complete failure, the operator will maintain enough control to make a safe landing. A range of other failsafes protect the platform, property and members of the public from harm in emergency situations by allowing the user to make a controlled descent in a safe location were the worst to happen. For example, were the radio link between the radio transmitter and platform to be severed, the craft will return to its take-off point in a controlled manner and land entirely automatically.

  • Wind speed capabilities – Maximum of 17mph
  • Flight modes

    • GPS
    • Attitude
    • Waypoint – Computer based
  • Maximum horizontal flight speed – 9m/s (20mph)

  • Maximum vertical flight speed – 6m/s

  • Wooden propellers