Industrial Inspections

Condition Surveys and Asset Data Capture

Remote Aerial Surveys provide aerial inspections of factory roofs, chimneys and other structures using our UAV mounted cameras. Our UAVs use a range of powerful cameras which deliver high resolution photographs or video which can be studied in real time or later in detail on any computer. A UAV is the perfect solution for working at height, making it the ideal choice for roof inspections such as those required for maintenance or insurance. The level of detail that can be quickly and cost effectively captured, can greatly assist in insurance claims for both domestic and commercial property. A UAV is now without doubt the quickest, safest and most effective way to capture data.

Our UAVs can be flown up to 120m in height, in a variety of complex and hazardous locations, so there are very few assets which cannot be captured using our techniques.

Types of Survey 

  • Routine Condition Survey –  e.g. Roof Surveys - Our roof survey service comprises:

     Geo-referenced photography organised in Google Earth for performing roof condition surveys and inspections. The survey can be guided by the client on-site where appropriate, allowing them to take detailed imagery of areas of specific interest
     3D modelling of industrial buildings can be used for maintenance planning, health and safety assessments and to help with the scheduling of works
     Thermal roof surveys to identify excessive heat loss and potential water leaks
     NIR surveys to identify vegetation growth that cannot be identified easily using visible light cameras

  • Advanced Asset Management Service
  • Emergency Response Survey

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Top Quality Images

Our range of sensors mean that we can capture data and imagery with precision and detail not possible by other means. The accuracy of the information is ideal for things such as planning repair and maintenance schedules or assisting with insurance claims. See our sensors page for the full range of equipment which includes multispectral and thermal cameras as well as more straight forward video and image capturing. Our range of sensors gives you access to data beyond the visible. This is particularly useful for reviewing areas of excessive heat loss and detecting vegetation growth which cannot easily be seen with the naked eye.


One of the other reasons UAVs can lead to reduced costs is because they can carry out surveys more quickly especially when compared with manual inspections. For larger jobs our surveys can reduce weeks of work to a matter of days. 

Where safety is paramount

UAVs are ideal for carrying out inspections where access is difficult or dangerous such as for roofs or solar panel inspection. The imagery provided from our range of sensors goes beyond that which can be captured by other means such as aircraft or even manual inspections. Our highly skilled pilots know how to reach the areas of critical importance to your business.

Greater Accessibility

Quite simply UAVs can reach areas that other methods either cannot reach or those that are only accessible with difficulty or may be hazardous. UAVs can also be sent on repeatable flight paths to ensure a consistent pattern if repeatability is required. They are ideal for renewable energy facilites such as inspections for solar panel farms and wind turbines. Read more about the benefits for solar inspections

Real time inspections mean lower costs

We can offer live feed of your assets and infrastructure which means maintenance and repair teams can be more cost effectively and accurately targeted. Regular building or roof inspection from UAVs means that issues are flagged more quickly and priorities can be more easily identified. Regular inspection work allows for prompt attention to issues reducing the need for downtime.

Lower cost - Aiding business efficiency 

Industrial inspections are not only a tool for repair and maintenance but they can also provide information to drive efficiency for example our thermal images can highlight energy wastage. A UAV mounted camera can quickly identify issues enabling ground based staff to focus on resolving problems rather than searching them out. 


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