Environmental Monitoring

UAVs lead the way in low cost, high accuracy environmental monitoring 

UAVs are fast becoming an essential tool for environmental monitoring, crop inspection & survey work such as the inspection of flood defences. They offer a high level of precision and detail with their agility and quality imaging abilities they are invaluable as a tool for a wide range of environmental monitoring tasks.

More sensors means better quality Information

Remote Aerial Surveys' UAVs can carry out a diverse range of environmental monitoring including the effects of climate change, changing eco-systems and urbanisation and habitat changes. Importantly UAVs can reach areas that are either too dangerous or too inaccessible for other forms of monitoring including remote coastlines, river banks and agricultural locations.

Our range of sensors means that as well as straight forward photography and videos we can offer:

 Thermal imaging – effective in leak detection and tracing rising mains

 Multi-spectral imaging – ideal for vegetation surveys.

 Photomosaics – allows wider areas to be covered by UAVs 

Better quality data

Environmental monitoring can require constantly updated imagery often covering the same ground. The ability to programme the UAV flight path allows effective data capture with highly accurate repeatability.  The UAV is low flying enabling the data captured to be precise and detailed, providing some of the most accurate monitoring information available. The range of UAV platforms and sensor equipment available at Remote Aerial Surveys means that we can provide a very wide variety of data and imagery including thermal and multispectral images.

Flood Defences

UAVs are proving an excellent resource for surveying flood defences. They can be used for remote sensing tasks such as periodic inspections of flood defences to detect for example imminent failure in seas walls. They can also be used for making post flood damage assessments and identifying changes to cliffs and beaches. Their key advantage over other methods is their low cost and high level of accuracy enabling more and better data to be gathered much more quickly, necessarily at a much lower cost. 

Read more information about how they are used for flood risk management, see how the data can improve hydraulic model accuracy - read more.

Reaching further

UAVs are a cost effective alternative to more conventional aerial platforms, such as manned aircraft. Their lower operational costs arise from greater flexibility (for example, being able to alter course as necessary) and the ability to operate from the actual site, rather than having to travel to location from an airfield. UAVs offer more than just image capture, they can provide real time monitoring information. The flexibility of the UAV platform means that it can cover large areas much faster than other methods. 

Examples of the types of environmental monitoring work possible 

Change Mapping

Disaster Risk Management


River & Coastal Erosion Flooding Risk Migration Patterns
Soil Erosion Landslide risk Agriculture e.g. crop inspections
Deforestation Leak detection Habitat & vegetation
Urban Expansion   Endangered Species

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