We capture high quality imagery and data using a wide range of survey techniques and tools such as topographical surveys, volumetric analysis, elevation modelsphotogrammetry and so on. The applications for our UAV surveys are endless and we are continually evaluating new things with our main focus being on surveys, mapping and modelling as well as offering promotional aerial photography (click to find out more). Some of the main applications that we use our UAV surveys for are listed below,however please contact us to find out more or click here to find a more detailed list.

Power & Utilities

We can carry out a whole range of industrial inspections such as those for required for planning surveys for solar and wind farms, pylons, power cables and pipe laying and other infrastructure parts such as wind turbine blades and bearings. The main benefit of a UAV survey is the accessability and efficiency with which we can reach locations accompanied by the high quality of the data we can capture at a cost efficient rate.  Click here to find out more about solar panel inspections 

Agriculture & Environment

The uses for UAVs in the environment are many and various including mapping and monitoring e.g. in agricultural situations we can carry out everything from weed detection to stress detection,black grass mapping and crop inspections. Read more about our environmental monitoring services here.

UAV aerial image of maze    

Property & Infrastructure 

Planning applications, bridge and rail track inspections as well as digital terrain modelling can all be done with our UAVs cost effectively and efficiently. Whether it is regular structural bridge inspections or a response to a damage incident our UAVs can be quickly mobilised for a variety of structural inspections quickly, safely and economically. Read more about our asset management services and industrial inspections.

UAV in viaduct