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Welcome to Remote Aerial Surveys

Remote Aerial Surveys combines the latest advances in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) with innovative uses of imaging equipment to perform a wide range of high quality mapping aerial surveys. UAVs are the perfect solution to get up-to-date high resolution imagery filling in the gaps from other survey methods by providing more recent & more precise data. Remote Aerial Surveys is owned & operated by Richard Allitt Associates Ltd  consulting engineers with in-depth experience of GIS & remote sensing.

“Our aim is to provide state of the art unmanned aerial surveys, video and photography of the highest technical & creative quality.”

We specialise in developing innovative technical survey solutions - take a look at our case studies hereRequest a quotation or have a chat with us on 01444 401840, email us:  

Survey & Mapping Specialists

Richard Allitt Associates are highly experienced hydraulic engineers and are specialists in the provision topographical aerial surveys. Our industry expertise extends to surveying, environmental consultancy, GIS and remote sensing enabling us to produce aerial surveys with the very detailed high quality images needed for constructionmappingenvironmental monitoring and a wide range of industrial & roof surveys. These aerial surveys are also a key asset for flood management and other water industry related issues. Our innovative use of photogrammetry techniques delivers 3D models suitable for integration to the BIM process.

Aerial Surveys with more precision & detail for less cost

We conduct aerial surveys at altitudes between ground level and 400ft, filling the niche between ground based surveys and those undertaken by manned aircraft at higher altitudes. Aerial surveys and mapping from UAVs offer levels of accuracy, precision, detail and scale never before possible and all for a fraction of the cost of aerial surveys from manned aircraft. Within construction & the built environment, economical data capture using UAV Scans to BIM can be an essential verification tool as it is a quick and effective at checking the real world against design plans.

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UAVs go above & beyond

Aerial surveys are an excellent way of surveying anything out of reach. UAVs allow environmental monitoring and industrial inspections at inaccessible locations as well as in those too dangerous to send personnel into. UAVs can take off and land virtually anywhere not only minimising downtime but enabling our team to carry out highly accurate detailed inspections and data capture. 

Outstanding Imagery

The high quality of our images means we can also produce unique attention-grabbing promotional aerial photography and videos. This work is ideal for marketing venues such as golf courses, offices, hotels and tourist attractions.Take a look at our You Tube videos or read more here Remote Aerial Surveys is based in Sussex and we have some great aerial photography of many of the county's tourism & heritage sites - click here to take a look

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Certificate No. 9794 ISO 9001 ISO 14001
We have permissions from the Civil Aviation Authority allowing us to operate UAVs commercially in the UK. Our team of pilots are fully qualified to safely and responsibly operate all of the UAVs and we are fully insured. Contact us to find out more :